GAIA: A universe of creation in Varadero

GAIA: A universe of creation in Varadero

Galería de Arte: GAIA

Habana, April 23th (by Aylet Rodríguez González) Gaia is the name of the Earth goddess in the classic ancient mythology and is also the labelling of the Gallery, reopened in Varadero by the plastic artist Ariel Balmaseda.

At this universe of creation located on 13 street and 1st avenue in the baths city,130Km east from Habana, we travel throughout history and art.

The exhibiting center is a project developed by, the also designer and photographer joined to Acuazul hotel and the seat of “Casa de las Américas” from the best known baths in Cuba that will exhibit until the 30th of the current month the exhibition Auschwitz a protest against all those trends across the world trying to forget what happened in World War II and events such as those that took place at this concentration camp in a Nazi Germany situated in the occupied Poland Territories.

In many senses Gaia reminds us our connection all creation and she was considered the goddess of fertility. Maybe it is her spirit, his feelings for his children that drove Balmaseda to expose “Adiós a la inocencia”, an exhibition that will be presented from next month on by the artist.

The 22 works from Ariel Balmaseda, sensitives by their origin, approach a rarely spoken topic in Cuba and if is achieved with elements extracted from historical images on the web to develop some sort of digital art with them.

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