Bathed by the blue of the Caribbean, Varadero is by right the most important touristic destination in Cuba. There, meant for infant boys and girls who visit this sun and beach paradise on vacations came forth Gabi &Sofi, a product defined by its concepts as “All for children”.

Gabi &Sofi comprises ab integral product which offers a wide range of items meant to make an infant´s life better. Decoration and furniture for infant’s rooms, infant’s linen goods, school material, didactic toys, designing clothing, promotional matter all of them personalized with the image of the brand.

A fundamental principle of the brand is the education of the children through the promotion and disclosure of good habits for the living, good manners, love for the nature, animals, parents and family. No to violence from every point of view and a commitment towards life.

Gabi& Sofi focusses the forthcoming opening of stores in Varadero and in the cities of Matanzas, Cienfuegos and Havana


Gabi & Sofi

A product intended for children

and so much more...